Election Gimmicks: How long it took to have a speed breaker at an accident prone area

We all know very well elections are round the corner and the parties are busy promoting their work.

The area where i live, has a junction which is accident prone, till today’s date we have seen dreadful accidents, thankfully not a fatal one, but very dangerous. Its a junction in Patwardhan Baug area, where a small lane meets a wider RD. That small lane can’t be seen beforehand and the visibility around it is less due to trees. Mainly the fault is that the people merging from small lane come in full speed, and take a turn without a pause, causing accidents. Also the small lane meets this wider road exactly in its mid position, where the speed of the people is very high like a gaussian mean.

We wanted a solution for this, so we contacted many RTO police chiefs, Municipal Corporation’s officer, 5-6 years way back. They used to examine the spot and say we will cit trees implement speed breakers and bla bla blah…The only reply we used to get that a false assurance, or we will see what we can do. Sometimes they even said it will take many people’s approval and its not possible without all that. What a crap!

It took 5 years to get approval for these solution???
Now that elections are round the corner they have implemented it!!

These people are ruling with this attitude? If that’s the case we should have elections yearly!!

These people should get a hang of corporate structure and pressures!


New music app for CM9 | APOLLO

The cm community has done it again, new music app, this was the tweet from cm:

The new CM Music app (now named Apollo ) is arriving! We’re now in the process of integrating it with CM9 builds.… http://t.co/iKl33ehH — CyanogenMod (@CyanogenMod)