Analyse an Issue Task: “The most effective way to understand the contemporary culture is to analyse the trends of its youth”

Analyse an Issue Task:


“The most effective way to understand the contemporary culture is to analyse the trends of its youth”

It’s true that youth symbolizes the energy and flamboyance of any culture, but a culture is made up of vast variety of people and their traits. So is true with the contemporary culture, the culture co-existing with times it has so many factors involved in it, so it is hard to directly make a claim that to study contemporary culture one needs to study youth.

However to understand the contemporary culture, we can include various factors such as developments in technology and its impact on us, study of recent and developing philosophies, eating habits, social etiquettes, political ideologies, changing climatic conditions, current dressing sense and et al. These factors are not only observable in youths but also can be observed from every individual from a child to an adult to the senior citizens.

Considering the contemporary culture which includes feminism, gay rights, social media outrages, liberate ideologies I don’t think only analysing youth trends is enough. The culture has its ideas deep rooted in many forms in many individuals right from the art to music, theatre to movies, folk dance to flash mobs, many a times veterans are trendsetters via these medium. Many contemporary art creators were old enough not to be called youth, like M F Hussain’s contemporary paintings. Contemporary culture is not like a religion or just a trend, it is way of living or upbringing, many a times as a result of cause and effect relationship between the community and society, geographic conditions etc. and therefore it ought to change or get modified with respect to recent times and so it involves a greater ecosystem in which all human beings right from a child to the oldest of the old take part.

Though it cannot be denied that in certain cases like larger part of the contemporary culture is symbolized, spread or accepted by the youths. Youth itself represents the vibrant part of the contemporary culture, they give the shiny look and the face value of the culture. The sense of dressing, social etiquettes, art, dance, theatre and other art forms are somewhat or heavily characterised by the youths. This doesn’t mean we can effectively study the contemporary culture just by analysing them, culture is deep rooted and to study it effectively we would require a holistic approach towards the whole ecosystem of culture and elements affected and affecting it.


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