CyanogenMod 12 Review | Nexus 4

Well, CyanogenMod team has released what they promised, CM12 by start of 2015. Well two words, its perfect for daily driver. Cyanogen team released what functionality is yet to be implemented. I own a nexus 4, and I will be reviewing same for cm12.

Stay tuned

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Election Gimmicks: How long it took to have a speed breaker at an accident prone area

We all know very well elections are round the corner and the parties are busy promoting their work.

The area where i live, has a junction which is accident prone, till today’s date we have seen dreadful accidents, thankfully not a fatal one, but very dangerous. Its a junction in Patwardhan Baug area, where a small lane meets a wider RD. That small lane can’t be seen beforehand and the visibility around it is less due to trees. Mainly the fault is that the people merging from small lane come in full speed, and take a turn without a pause, causing accidents. Also the small lane meets this wider road exactly in its mid position, where the speed of the people is very high like a gaussian mean.

We wanted a solution for this, so we contacted many RTO police chiefs, Municipal Corporation’s officer, 5-6 years way back. They used to examine the spot and say we will cit trees implement speed breakers and bla bla blah…The only reply we used to get that a false assurance, or we will see what we can do. Sometimes they even said it will take many people’s approval and its not possible without all that. What a crap!

It took 5 years to get approval for these solution???
Now that elections are round the corner they have implemented it!!

These people are ruling with this attitude? If that’s the case we should have elections yearly!!

These people should get a hang of corporate structure and pressures!

Analyse an Issue Task: “The most effective way to understand the contemporary culture is to analyse the trends of its youth”

Analyse an Issue Task:


“The most effective way to understand the contemporary culture is to analyse the trends of its youth”

It’s true that youth symbolizes the energy and flamboyance of any culture, but a culture is made up of vast variety of people and their traits. So is true with the contemporary culture, the culture co-existing with times it has so many factors involved in it, so it is hard to directly make a claim that to study contemporary culture one needs to study youth.

However to understand the contemporary culture, we can include various factors such as developments in technology and its impact on us, study of recent and developing philosophies, eating habits, social etiquettes, political ideologies, changing climatic conditions, current dressing sense and et al. These factors are not only observable in youths but also can be observed from every individual from a child to an adult to the senior citizens.

Considering the contemporary culture which includes feminism, gay rights, social media outrages, liberate ideologies I don’t think only analysing youth trends is enough. The culture has its ideas deep rooted in many forms in many individuals right from the art to music, theatre to movies, folk dance to flash mobs, many a times veterans are trendsetters via these medium. Continue reading

New App:: DEFY Wallpapers

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Pack of 40 Motorola Stock Wallpapers

This app, lets you choose between 40 stock Motorola Defy Wallpapers.
Ever lost them due to custom ROMS? Then you got them back!
These also consists additional wallpapers from Motorola.Instead of manually setting wallpapers, this app does it for you 🙂
And lastly I will keep updated the pack of 40 wallpapers.
Thank You, Feedback expected 🙂

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DEFY Wallpapers

DEFY Wallpapers

BREAKING NEWS: Sunil Chhetri joins Sporting Lisbon |


“It is a real pleasure for me and an exciting moment in my career to join a European giant like Sporting Lisbon,” Sunil told. “I have dreamt of this day and always believed that my time will come. It is now a reality. Sporting Lisbon, my agent Yogesh Joshee from Matchworld and Football One has made it possible for me and I will make it count for India. Thank you so much.” The deal had been arranged by Football One, the football arm of new Wizcraft International Entertainment venture Sports One. “Football One is partnering with Sporting Club de Portugal to support the development of football in India. Our first initiative in this partnership is to facilitate the movement of Sunil Chhetri to play at Sporting Clube de Portugal for the coming season,” Ashok Rajgopal (CEO, Football One) stated. “We are excited to have the Indian football captain playing for one of the top clubs in Portugal, one that has produced some of the top players in international football today.” “We are keen to support the development of football in India. We along with our partners Football One, are looking at ways in which we can leverage the technical knowledge and coaching expertise that resides within the club to support Indian football,” Luiz Godinho Lopes (President, Sporting Clube de Portugal) said. “We will align our efforts with that of AIFF and the vision of its President, to raise the level of the game here in India. We are here for the long term and our signing on Sunil Chhetri is the first of our initiatives.” Sunil is the second professional footballer to join an European club after legendary India captain Baichung Bhutia signed a deal with English outfit Bury FC in 1999.

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Angel Pad | cheapest and powerful Android ICS Tablet PC | True or Fake?


The race for being the cheapest tablet has started.the angel tab has much more to offer than any one in the segment,  this one surely bags 10 on 10 rating from me, providing soo many features at such a low cost,  I prefer to buy one!! So expect a video review from me 🙂 here goes the details ::

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